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Do you ever just really want to kiss someone and all you can think about is kissing them and their lips and their tongue and the little noises they make and kissing their neck and collarbones and biting their lips and god you just CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT KISSING

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Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

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natasha calling bucky ‘james’ and bucky calling natasha ‘natalia’

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once upon a quote + the ladies taking shit from no one (part 2)

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on a scale of one to glee how bad is that decision

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when you die and become a ghost are you forced to wear what you were wearing when you died for eternity or can you go to like Ghost Gap and buy some new ghost clothes

if theres ghost capitalism i swear to fuck ill be so mad

overthrow the boogeoisie

Wait I thought everyone was just forced to wear a sheet over their heads.

where do you think they get the sheets bruh.

bed bath and beyond the veil.

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they also went to the louvre together to, like, check out the dicks on statues for comparison just to calm scott the fuck down.

(i can just picture them, scott being his usual neurotic self, and ernest just like, ‘give me strength. are you fucking kidding me? i nearly died in the war. i have a fucking medal of bravery. and we’re looking at cocks together. gatsby can only take you so far, my friend. you better write another goddamn masterpiece soon.’)

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 16 Hours

16 Hours

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30 days // 23. a dinosaur

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on loving a fighter

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